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    HSO Innovation licensing configuration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
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    This document describes the procedure to generate a license request file and request a license for the HSO Innovation Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement products.


    If you are on Dynamics License up to version, you should use the classic configuration page as described in paragraph License in Classic View.


    License in Model Driven App

    If you are on Dynamics License 4.0.20260.1 or higher, you should use the license Model Driven App as described in here.


    License in Classic View

    Generate a license request file

    Via Settings / Solutions locate our solution Dynamics License.

    First, open to solution Dynamics License and select the Configuration page. For each module for which you are requesting a license fill the column Request in section Installed Module Licenses.

    Then, hit button ‘Get License Request’ which will result in a license request file to be downloaded in your download folder.


    When the license request file is downloaded, send the file to and we will deliver you a (trial) license as soon as possible.


    Upload a license file

    When you have received your (trial) license file, via Settings / Solutions go to solution Dynamics License and select the Configuration page again. Here you can import the license file in the section ‘Save the license’. The result of the import will be visible in section Installed module licenses.

    After importing the license file, you can use the full functions and features of the modules for which you have requested the license.


    When the license file is imported, you will see the number of licensed users (Quantity) and the number of users that are assigned to a specific module (Assigned). Further the expiry date of the license file is displayed. In the column 'Validation remarks' we will display information if for example a license is not valid or expired.



    Question: When is a new ALF license file required?
    • After initial installation of HSO Innovation Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement modules
    • If new HSO Innovation modules are installed in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement environment
    • If the number of assigned users exceeds the number of licensed users       
    • If your current license is expired
    Question: Why is the button Get License Request is disabled?

    When the button Get License Request is disabled, the system is missing the relevant license records which are required to generate the request file.

    There are two possible explanations for this situation:

    • The post installation process is not yet finished and the license record files are therefore not yet imported. Please check in your admin instance picker if the installation is still 'In Progress'. Wait until the instance picker is displaying 'Installed' which means all background import processes are finished as well. The button will be enabled when the installation is completed.
    • The instance picker is showing an 'installation failure' which in most cases is caused by a failed execution of a background process. In this situation the license records are most likely not imported, hence the button is disabled. If this situation occurs, please contact requesting for our help to import the license records in your environment.


    Question: I receive a file format error when uploading the license file, what should I do?

    If the error message ‘The license cannot be applied. File format error contact your add-on software vendor’ comes up, the license file is corrupt.

    If this situation occurs in your environment, generate a new license request file and send it to We will deliver you a new license file.

    Question: I have uploaded the license file, the license records are filled correctly but I still receive license errors. What is wrong?

    Most likely you have imported a license file for a different org-id. As a license file is unique to an org-id, you cannot re-use a license file from a different org-id. The org-id is always visible in the name of the license file. Find the correct license file and re-import it into your environment.

    In case you do not have a license file for your org-id, generate a new license request file and send it to